SeaDogDay Supplement: Bloooorp!

A few Monterey sea doggies for your delectation.

Monterey Bay Female Sea Lion Sleeping On A Dock Rail

I’m pretty sure this is a female sea lion. She looks quite pretty, doesn’t she?

Male Monterey Sea Lion

The males just look a bit… less dainty.

Male Monterey Sea Lion

Oops, now I’ve offended him. Sorry, Mr. Sea Lion.

Monterey Sea Lion Basking on Tire Float

This guy has the right idea. If I were a sea lion, I’d be a Pacific Explorer.

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2 Responses to SeaDogDay Supplement: Bloooorp!

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Great pictures! That first ‘sea dog’ is dainty, male or female ;-]!

  2. Adam Lang says:

    I dunno. Most sailors aren’t nearly as cute…

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