Dog of the Day: Golden Retriever Mix Puppy

Autumn and I ran into this puppy on our way somewhere, and I grabbed a few pictures. And none of them came out, they were all too blurry, due to puppy hyperkineticism. Thank goodness, we ran into her again a week or two later.

Golden Retriever Mix Puppy

I think there’s some terrier in there, but she’s at least half golden retriever.

Golden Retriever Mix Puppy

Autumn went totally ga-ga over this pup.

Golden Retriever Mix Puppy

Can’t blame her. So cute! And so cuddly!

Golden Retriever Mix Puppy

Yes, booping that nose is just as satisfying as you think it would be.

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10 Responses to Dog of the Day: Golden Retriever Mix Puppy

  1. Jen says:

    If there is ANY way to find out what exactly this dog breed is, I would really love to know! SO cute! I have been looking for a puppy like this one, but I don’t know what the mix is besides part Golden Retriever.

    • Adam Lang says:

      We don’t know yet, we’re waiting to see what she looks like all grown up. But our initial guess is a cocker spaniel.

      • zack says:

        adam any clue what the mix was yet? can you post another pic? this dog is gorgeous!

        • Adam Lang says:

          We are keeping our eyes out for this dog. I know she lives right near me. The next time I see her I am going to take some more pictures, and I’ll be sure to post a followup comment here when I do.

  2. Gabe says:

    that is one of the cutest mixes I’ve seen. I…I want it. It’s gotta be pretty big about now. Would love to see more.

  3. Cara Ney says:

    We have a puppy that’s similar and we think he’s part border terrier and golden.

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