Double Dog Day: The Dogs of Le Marcel

I can’t believe I never heard about Le Marcel! It was apparently started in Seattle but is now in Pacific Heights (Union Street), and it is a dog bakery. That’s right. They have baked goods for dogs, including plenty of carob products that look just like chocolate. You humans will have to get your baked goods fix elsewhere.

They also have two mascots: an Italian greyhound named Marcel and a foofly wiener long-haired dachshund named Leo. If you squint a little, I bet you can figure out where the name of the bakery came from.

Grey and White Italian Greyhound

I can’t help but notice that they both look a little… on edge.

Wheaten Long-Haired Dachshund

Well, I’d be on edge too if I had that keen a sense of smell and lived constantly surrounded by delicious baked goods…


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