Double Dog Day: Bruce and either Shiva or Babette the 5-Month-Old Teacup Poodles

I don’t recall the story behind the ‘Shiva-or-Babette’ controversy, but I’m sure it was a debate full of excitement and vigor.

I’m no longer on drugs, and only in mild pain, and consequently will try to be a bit more reliable in my updates again. Sorry ’bout that!

Two White Teacup Poodles

Talk about two peas in a pod. One’s definitely a little fluffier, but the most reliable way to tell them apart is leash color.

White Teacup Poodle

The less poofly of the two. The tear stains worry me a bit: apparently poodles are prone to eyelash problems (growing into the eye rather than away from it), which can cause eye irritation, which can cause this. Isn’t there something that can be done about that? It must be awful!

White Teacup Poodle Sticking Out Her Tongue

The pooflier half. Little bit of puppy tongue there.

Two White Teacup Poodles

Double dog butt, with extra special black poodle guest star.

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