Dog of the Day: Grey Chow Mix

Didn’t get home until late Monday night, so this is going to be a bit of a lazy post. (I usually queue up my posts the night before, because my photos are all on my laptop, which I don’t take to work these days… it’s a lot harder toting your laptop to work when you jog in!)

On my way back from work this evening I ran across the cutest little 11-week-old golden retriever puppy and his 11-month-old mixed-breed friend. I got about fifty pictures, and the only one that didn’t come out blurry was a picture of the golden retriever’s back. I knew it was pretty dark to be taking pictures of things that wiggly, but I was hopeful nonetheless. I’m crushed.

[Edit: This is up almost two days late because WordPress decided not to publish it! But not to worry, it also decided not to tell me that it decided not to publish it, or why! Isn’t that nice? It didn’t publish yesterday’s either. Hopefully it will work this time… aaaand… nope! Still broken! Looks like things are going to be weird for a while. I’ll try to keep things updating regularly by hand.]

Grey Chow Mix

I am not sure I could handle that level of fluff. If I had a dog like that I would be constantly running my fingers through it.

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