Triple Dog Day: Opata, Poofy, and Pisika the Poodles

A fearsome threesome: Opata (boy) and Poofy (girl) are 8-week-old poodle puppies, and mom is Pisika. They were MURDER to get a good shot of, being so hyperkinetic that several of the shots where I was trying for all three had not a single dog in the frame at all by the time the shutter closed.

Two Apricot-and-White Poodle Puppies

There’s a reason they call dogs this size ‘toy’. They totally look like little stuffed animals. So cute!

Apricot and White Poodle Puppy

From what I recall, this one was definitely hiding from me.

Cream Poodle With Two Apricot and White Poodle Puppies

Hee. I love the little face poking out from under mom.

Cream Poodle Playing With Apricot-and-White Poodle Puppy

All three of them were playing like puppies.


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One Response to Triple Dog Day: Opata, Poofy, and Pisika the Poodles

  1. Rose Marie says:

    What darling fluff balls! Their mom is an apricot I think? Very pretty colour.

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