Bringing Your Dog to Work: It’s Apparently Awesome

How did I not hear about this sooner? It seems that someone did a study on the health effects of bringing your dog to work. They studied different people in a dog-friendly workplace, including those who didn’t have dogs, those who had dogs but didn’t bring them in, and those who brought their dogs to work. They found the following:

  • All three groups started the day at a similar stress level, on average.
  • People with no dog had their stress level climb gradually though the day
  • People who had a dog but didn’t bring it in performed identically.
  • People who brought in their dog had their stress level decrease through the course of the day.

So there you have it: dogs are the magic de-stresser. (I suspect cats would work just as well (maybe even better! ack, heresy!), but there are fewer cat-friendly workplaces, because, well… mixing cats and dogs at a workplace? Could be bad.

Come on, companies, get with the program!

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2 Responses to Bringing Your Dog to Work: It’s Apparently Awesome

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Makes sense to me! Since cats are creatures of place, cats owners should be able to work from home!! That would be ideal.

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