Dog of the Day: Hobbes the Newfoundland Dog/Labrador Retriever Mix

I asked if Hobbes was named after the philosopher or the cartoon character, and they said both. (And then, if I recall correctly, they said ‘he was named that way when we got him, but don’t tell anybody. Ooops! Oh no! Sorry!)

Black Fluffy Newfie/Lab Mix

Hobbes is just a big bundle of fluff, drool, mud, and goof. (Not listed by volume. Contents may have shifted during gallumphing.)

Black Newfoundland Dog/Labrador Retriever Mix, Grinning

He’s not letting his ten years slow him down any. Good going, pup!

Black Labrador Retriever/Newfoundland Dog Mix With Silly Grin

Sometimes I feel like ‘Glamor Shots’. Soft focus? Check. Blurred background? Check. 2/3 view? Check. Dangling tongue? Che… waaaait.

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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Hobbes the Newfoundland Dog/Labrador Retriever Mix

  1. donna says:

    we just adopted a 6 month old dog named Yogi that we were told was a newfie-lab mix. He looks so much like your dog in the above pictures. He has a thick black silky wavy coat, webbed feet, a touch of white on his upper chest and back paws. So lovable, yet so puppy like and goody. He is just under 50 pounds now…I hope he gets real big, he is still smaller than my 10 yr old female golden retriever. He loves to eat socks, then throws them up. I keep telling my daughter to keep there doors closed, but he always manages to find them. He is just so cute, just like Hobbes. If Yogi is a newfie-lab mix, it is a beautiful combination of breeds…just love him to death

    • Adam Lang says:

      Aww, Yogi can’t help it… dogs love socks!

      If he stays small (under 70 lbs, say) he could also be a flat-coated retriever. They look pretty similar to Hobbes but they are pretty small.

      Either way, you’re lucky: flat-coats and Newfie/Labs are both pretty great, in my experience.

  2. Noa says:

    That dog up there looks exactly like my old dog Rocco. He died two years ago and my family has been trying to find out what type he was. This picture looks a lot like my old dog rocco. He lived to be 15 years old thank you so much for helping me. I love your dog he’s so cute if you want you can email me all the feed back about this dog.
    my email is in the comment header
    thank you

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