Dog of the Day: Lina the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

I ran into this pup on one of her first days in the city, after moving here from Texas. She was a little intimidated by all the noise, fuss, and people, but I saw her again a few days later and she seemed to be settling in quite well.

Aaaand I managed to delete the note that had her name on it. Hopefully her parents will drop by and see her and remind me. She lives in the Russian Hill/Polk Street area, so it may be that Tidus is going to have a new playmate!

Edit: Mom chimed in below, and it turns out her name is Lina. Yay, Lina!

Tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A little bit on the petite side for a corgi. Which means they had to work extra-hard to pack that much goofiness into her.

Happy Tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi

I’ve caught several corgis on that corner. Possibly there is Quantum Corgi Entanglement going on.

Dubious Pembroke Welsh Corgi

I can see Tidus has some competition in the ‘goofy expressions’ category.

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9 Responses to Dog of the Day: Lina the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  1. marilyn mccomb says:

    Is this dog up for adoption if so how old is she?

  2. Anh Look says:

    She’s cute. Maybe Tidus and I will run into her soon. You’re right about the Corgi Synergy thing going on on Nob Hill and Russian Hill BTW.

  3. Zheila Holloway says:

    Hi Adam! So sweet of you to post Lina’s pictures on your site. She is starting to settle in to San Francisco life. And it’s exciting to know that there are other corgis around. I’m sure she misses her play dates with her mom and siblings in Dallas and will be happy to run into other short-legged full of personality companions. Appreciate all the doggy information for the area!

  4. Rose Marie says:

    What a great name, Lina. She is a cutie and looks ready to take on San Francisco and it’s unique lifestyle!

  5. Barbara L says:

    Lina is now a famous, California celebrity I see! Sisters Sloane and Sally back in Texas miss her and their swim parties.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Aww. They should come out and visit!

      Also, if you have any pictures of Sloane and Sally you could post a link to, I’m sure my audience would be delighted to see them. 🙂

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