Dog of the Day: Gavina the Spinone Italiano

On the very day of the Italian festival, Autumn and I ran into our very first Spinone Italiano: Gavina (3), named after a Catalan word meaning ‘white dog’. I do not know why this breed isn’t more popular: Gavina was an absolute delight.

Edit: Grr. I am not having much luck with the whole ‘posting on time’ thing. So annoying! I wonder if I should just give up and find another hosting provider.

White Spinone Italiano

Gavina was tied up outside what is possibly the best truffle-maker in the city, XOX Truffles.

White Spinone Italiano

Ah hah! I knew there was something we hadn’t had recently: a dognose shot.

White Spinone Italiano

And even a dog-itch shot. Gavina is the gift that keeps on giving!

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