Dog of the Day: Travis the Mystery Hound!

Travis’s mom thinks he’s a ‘mystery hound’. I think he’s adorable. (Could be a red-tick coonhound? Maybe Autumn will venture an opinion. If he is a red-tick coonhound, he’s our first one!)

Edit: Dammit. I ran into Travis’s mom this evening, and told her I’d posted him, and then I get home and am ready for bed and check and WordPress didn’t post. AGAIN. I hate that!

Red-Tick Coonhound

It’s not just boxers… a lot of hounds seem to always look a little confused too.

Red-Tick Coonhound

I think I may have been making use of my ‘hidden squeaky toy’ in this picture. I keep one in my backpack, and reach around behind me and squeeze it when necessary. It’s a surprisingly useful tactic.

Red-Tick Coonhound

Travis is very photogenic. He’s got a lot of great poses.

Red-Tick Coonhound

Can’t tell if he’s barking or howling.


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