Double Dog and Duck Day: Roxy, Begley, and Tank

So Autumn’s family recently got a dog, Begley. And it was pretty clear that he was in great need of companionship when they weren’t home, so they had to get another dog. And so, since the local animal shelters were all really expensive (several hundred dollars for adoption fees!) they went to the local craigslist… where they found someone who was willing to part with her golden retriever, but only if they took the dog’s sister, too.

Yes, the dog’s sister was a duck. Named ‘Tank’. (Who actually thinks of the dog as ‘mom’.)

The two of them are definitely friends, although Tank is a lot more into Roxy than Roxy is into Tank. Still, they have fun together. Begley loves playing with Roxy, but he’s not allowed to play with the duck… he’s just a little bit too enthusiastic.

Roxy the Golden Retriever and Tank the Duck

That duck follows Roxy everywhere. Well, except when she’s in her pen.

Two Golden Retrievers, One Wearing A Unicorn Mask

Autumn being mean to Begley. 🙂

Two Golden Retrievers Playing

These two never let up. It is ALWAYS playtime.

Two Golden Retrievers Standing On Their Hind Legs And Hugging And Play Bitting One Another

I wish I’d managed to get the camera up just another few inches. In my defense, though, I didn’t expect them to start ballroom dancing all of a sudden.

Two Golden Retrievers Playing

Begley, victorious. For about, oh, three seconds.

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One Response to Double Dog and Duck Day: Roxy, Begley, and Tank

  1. Autumn says:

    I would like it to be known that as soon as I brought out the mask, Begley wanted to investigate. He wasted no time in sticking his nose and head in there.

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