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Caturday Supplement: Kitty Milk

I got Autumn’s kitties something for Christmas: a very thoroughly de-lactose-ated milk that is especially for cats. It’s not something they’re supposed to have every day, but it’s fine for them occasionally.

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Send Happy Thoughts

Roxy, one of Autumn’s family’s dogs, is very sick. They don’t know what it is, but she’s receiving the best of care at the local veterinary hospital.

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Dog of the Day: Golden Reindeer

Today was SUPPOSED to be pictures of an adorable dog that I dogsat while I was on vacation/sick. Except I had a wee bit of trouble importing the pictures. Sigh. I did finally get them, but now I don’t have … Continue reading

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Sunday Switchup: Horse

I was out in Indiana for Christmas, which was less snowy than I had reason to expect. But that meant I could take a couple of walks and take some pictures. And one of the things that I took pictures … Continue reading

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Happy Birth-Dog-Day: Begley the Golden Retriever

Well, today was supposed to be caturday, but it turns out to be a very VERY important day today: it is the birthday of Begley, Autumn’s family’s non-duck dog. And so of course I cannot let this pass by without … Continue reading

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DuckDog of the Day: Roxie and a Little Teeny Bit of Tank

It’s late and I’m tired. So here is a picture of a pair of members of Autumn’s family. When her bestest dog in the whole wide world, Ceili, passed away last year, her parents got a dog fairly soon thereafter. … Continue reading

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Double Dog and Duck Day: Roxy, Begley, and Tank

So Autumn’s family recently got a dog, Begley. And it was pretty clear that he was in great need of companionship when they weren’t home, so they had to get another dog. And so, since the local animal shelters were … Continue reading

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Double Dog Day: Autumn’s Family Dogs Preview

Autumn’s family got a couple of new dogs lately. I’ll be posting some more pictures of them soon, but for now, have a teaser.

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Christmas Day Dog: Ceili the Awesome Dog!

For Christmas, here’s Autumn’s puppy with a holiday message.

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Caturday Supplement: Calamakitty

Autumn’s family has two cats: Evil and Calamity, also known as Calamakitty. I hereby name them honorary Cats of San Francisco.

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