Dog of the Day: Guinness the German Shepherd Mix

I’ve been saving this post for a day when I have some time and patience. Why? Because I asked the fine people at A Home Within, a national charity with a local office right near me, to send me some pictures of their office dog. And they sent me too many too awesome pictures, and I just had to post all of them!

German Shepherd Mix with One Ear Up and One Ear Down

Those ears.

German Shepherd Mix with Half a Pumpkin on his Head

As Ms. Hoffman said, ‘Some of the pictures are demonstrative of Guiness’s patience with the people around him’.

German Shepherd Mix with One Ear Up and One Ear Down, Smiling

Another quote that I well believe: “Guinness is a fantastic beast, 90lbs of talkative, goofy sweetness.”

Upside Down German Shepherd Mix with Tennis Ball

I can tell that Guinness is a blast to play with. I bet he plays a mean game of tag, fetch, and wrestling, often all at the same time.

Upside Down German Shepherd Mix With Ball

A portrait of a goofball with a ball.

Upside Down German Shepherd Mix Begging for Belly Rubs

I have not yet met Guinness. I find this distressing, especially after seeing these pictures.

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