Dog of the Day: Baxter the German Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog Mix

I really wish more of my pictures of Baxter had come out, but when you’re taking them in the BART tunnel under the bay, you don’t have a lot of light to work with.

One of the pictures I really wish had come out was when Baxter did the following: turned around, put his head behind mom’s knee, and then slowly tucked his head down, and down, and bent his front legs, butt up in the air, and then tucked his head, until he did a very slow and graceful somersault and ended up on his back, and then rolled over to the side and stood up again. I swear, it looked 100% choreographed, but his mom seemed just as surprised as I was. Boy was it goofy.

Tricolor Australian Cattle Dog/German Shepherd Mix

A brief moment of stillness. As soon as he started moving again, bam, blur.

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