Dog of the Day: Tremendously Fluffy Labradoodle

Oh my god fluff. This was an 8-month-old labradoodle that I ran into. The fellow walking him was friendly but didn’t want to give the dog’s name, since it was his boss’s dog. Seems a wee bit silly to me, but hey… I am not of the social class that has employees to walk my dog, so maybe it doesn’t for them.

8-Month-Old Yellow Labradoodle

Not used to labradoodles with fur like this. Longer than either labs OR poodles!

8-Month-Old Yellow Labradoodle

Another pup who was hard to get pictures of, since he really wanted to give smooches and receive petting.

8-Month-Old Yellow Labradoodle

To give you some idea: when you pet this dog, you can actually feel every one of his ribs. I am pretty sure he is more than 50% fluff by volume.


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