Double Dog Day: Chrissie the Finnish Spitz and Gus the Schnauzer/Yorkshire Terrier

A first for us: a full-blooded Finnish spitz! They’re a lot smaller than I expected.

I am reliably informed that Chrissie is super-loyal, and almost 11 years old, and that Gus is 8, and is Chrissie’s companion animal. I think we can all agree that if a human can have a companion animal, it’s only fair if a dog can too.

Shaved Finnish Spitz and Schnauzer/Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Thirty-three pictures of these two. In not a single one of them are they both looking in the same direction.

Shaved Finnish Spitz and Schnauzer/Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Chrissie was definitely shaved a bit in the not-too-distant past.

Shaved Finnish Spitz

She sure is photogenic.

Schnauzer/Yorkshire Terrier Mix

I’m gonna say that half-schnauzers at least get to half-schnauze.

Shaved Finnish Spitz

The spitz-y breeds sure do have a distinctive way of ‘smiling’.

Shaved Finnish Spitz

Like I said: really photogenic. You can almost see the wind whistling through her fur.

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