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Double Dog Day: Chrissie the Finnish Spitz and Gus the Schnauzer/Yorkshire Terrier

A first for us: a full-blooded Finnish spitz! They’re a lot smaller than I expected. I am reliably informed that Chrissie is super-loyal, and almost 11 years old, and that Gus is 8, and is Chrissie’s companion animal. I think … Continue reading

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Dog of the Day: Our Old Friend, Charley the Finnish Spitz Mix

A contented dog to start your holiday weekend off right. * Updated, adding the name of this awesome dog.

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Dog of the Day: An Old Friend

Keep running into this pup, and he’s one of my favorites. I now think he’s a Finnish spitz/golden retriever mix.

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Dog of the Day: Moll the German Shepherd/Finnish Spitz(?) Mix

Moll is, at least according to her guardian, definitely half-shepherd. And it’s pretty obvious in any case. The Finnish spitz half was a guess on my part. We’ll see what Autumn thinks in the comments. Two more pictures after the … Continue reading

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Featured Dog: Finnish Spitz

Let’s call him the Dog of the Year.  He’s pretty awesome dog, and one you don’t see every day: a Finnish Spitz.  I’ve run into this same dog a couple times in the same place, outside the Crossroads Cafe down … Continue reading

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