Dog of the Day: Juvi the Samoyed

Third samoyed in the last couple of months. This may well be the same one I posted on August 20th. If so, now we know her name (Juvi) and her age (6). We already knew her disposition (sunny, and a little mischievous.)

White Samoyed

Juvi’s mom says that samoyed fur is practically teflon, dirt mostly just slides off.

White Samoyed

I can believe it. Look how amazingly white she is.

Grinning White Samoyed

Oh my god, I just realized… she totally looks like a baby seal!

White Samoyed

If you hadn’t guessed, there was a treat hovering just above her face for this one.

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One Response to Dog of the Day: Juvi the Samoyed

  1. Rose Marie says:

    ‘Samies’ are such gorgeous dogs!! Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

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