Dog of the Day: Deflated Bulldog (Post From Phone)

Mumble. No internet and no dogs makes Adam something something.

Hopefully Internet will be fixed by tomorrow. In the mean time, though, I don’t have any dog pictures on my phone so you just get a little text.

On the up side, I just reassembled my old iPhone (after disassembling it and replacing the broken screen last night) and about 99% of it works! (The flash doesn’t work, but I’ve never actually used the flash so I don’t care.) And I promise you, as difficult as it may sound, in reality it’s worse. If a set of instructions tells you to make sure you don’t mistake the 1.4 mm screw for a 1.5 mm screw, my advice is to put them down and back slowly away.

Oh wait! I do have a dog picture on my phone after all. Plus, as a bonus, it accurately represents how I feel about my internet being flaky for hours and then going entirely missing.


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One Response to Dog of the Day: Deflated Bulldog (Post From Phone)

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Good thing it is Friday tomorrow! This is a lovely bulldog, even if a bit morose!

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