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Sunday Switchup: NnnnrRRRRrrrgh (Now With More Seals!)

Eventful weekend. Including eight hours in an emergency room. Fortunately, the reason I was in there for eight hours was that after they finally dragged me in from the waiting room (2 hours) and got a doctor in to see … Continue reading

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Sea Supplement: Smiling Harbor Seals from Monterey Bay

Another bonus post from my vacations of yesteryear: some pictures of adorable basking harbor seals from Monterey Bay. I can’t believe I didn’t post these silly sea-dogs before. I have no excuses. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.

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Roll of 28(+1) Day 25: Birthday Pinnipeds!

For my birthday, Autumn and I went up to the Marine Mammal Center, in the Marin headlands, just north of SF. They were pretty empty, January and February being their slow season, but there were still five occupants, three of … Continue reading

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Wildife Pic: Baby Seal

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