Double Dog Day: Sophie and Cooper the Shiba Inus

I ran into these two (who I believe were down visiting from Washington) up in the Hyde Street Pier area. Cooper (the bigger of the two) was really, really interested in going swimming, which I guess was a little out of character for him. But both of them were really, really interested in saying hello to me, which is not out of character for them at all, but which is pretty unusual for the breed.

Just goes to show: you get ’em young and you socialize them well, and you can do a lot to make a happy, social pup.

Black and Tan Shiba Inu and Red Shiba Inu

A study in contrasts: same breed, totally different coloration. And one is quite large for a shiba, and the other is tiny!

Grinning Red Shiba Inu

The white tailtip! (Also the happy face!) Cooper gets my DoSF stamp of approval.

Black and Tan Shiba Inu and Red Shiba Inu

And I like this one just fine too! (Plus check out the perfect dog-shadow.)

Black and Tan Shiba Inu and Red Shiba Inu

Awwww! Totally adorable! (Even if someone is mooning us in the corner there.)

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