Dog of the Day: Seta the German Shepherd/Husky Mix

So first off, a plea! A friend of mine has run across a Situation, involving some neglected (rather large) dogs, and he’s hoping to be able to find one or more rescue organizations who could take at least the gentle and tame ones. He’s lined up a few donors, and I have volunteered to donate some more money, to assist with it, but we haven’t found anywhere yet that can help us.

So if you know of anyone who works for a rescue organization, anywhere around the California/Oregon/Nevada area, who might be willing to at least help us figure out what our options are, or know of anyone who might be willing to take one or more of the dogs, please leave me a comment! This is pretty urgent, since the owner just up and left for several weeks, with some of the dogs chained up outside his house. (I guess my friend has permission to help them, but he doesn’t have any WAY to help them right now.)

And that’s enough of that. Let’s go on to something a little bit more cheerful: Seta the German Shepherd/Husky, 2.5 years old, standing directly outside of a CHEESE SHOP.

German Shepherd Dog/Siberian Husky Mix

I totally mistook Seta for a puppy. She is petite and gawky, but I have to admit, she’s more polite than most puppies.

German Shepherd Dog/Siberian Husky Mix

Autumn and I did a block-and-a-half detour to meet Seta. Totally. Worth it.


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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: Seta the German Shepherd/Husky Mix

  1. Sandy says:

    I don’t have a contact for you at this point, but am wondering who owns the dogs. I know that your friend may have permission to help some neglected dogs that really need help, but a rescue group might not be able to help if they could end up fostering dogs that someone other than their “owner” (and I use that term loosely since that person isn’t taking proper care of them) has surrendered.

    • Adam Lang says:

      It’s a reasonable question. I think we’re going with the assumption that the ‘owner’ has agreed to let the dogs be rescued. I will get clarification from my friend, but I believe that’s the situation.

  2. Darryl says:

    Hi what town are you in it is it a male dog because I think that’s my dog please call 1-780-895-2909

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