Dog of the Day: OMG Guess!

Okay… look carefully at this dog. See if you can remember a dog that I posted some time ago that this might be a repost of. And if you think you know it (or even if you don’t!) click here.

Incidentally, I said yesterday I might be taking a few days off posting. I’m obviously not taking today off. But I’ve run into some bizarre health issues, which while currently not serious are incredibly annoying, and thus far I have no idea whether I am going to get better, worse, or stay the same. Please excuse any deviations from the schedule.

Oh! And while I’m talking about something other than today’s dog: if you have been waiting for me to post your dog, and haven’t seen it yet, please let me know! I just heard from someone a week or two ago saying ‘oh, you finally posted my dog, I was watching the site every day for two months!’ While I have no objection to people looking at my site every day, I feel like that sort of dedication should be rewarded a little faster than that. So let me know if I took some pictures you want me to post, and I will do my best to oblige.

And now, on to the mystery dog!

Eurasier Dog, Mixed Breed, and Pug

The one I mean is the one on the left. The one with ALL the fluff.


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