Dog of the Day: Oh My God I Totally Cannot Handle Willow the Eurasier Puppy

So, I just recently posted my second Eurasier. It was less than a week later that I happened to be wandering by The Groom Room (grooming place right near my apartment) and squealed like an 11-year-old girl. And then I took some pictures, and went inside and cadged the nice woman who was grooming the dogs into letting me take some more pictures.

Willow is just that cute. Trust me. You may think she’s cute in these pictures, but she is eleventy times cuter in person.

9-Week-Old Eurasier Puppy

You guys are lucky you got any pictures at all. I almost dropped the camera and just buried my face in that fluff.

9-Week-Old Wolf-Sable or Fawn Eurasier Puppy

I should never be allowed to own anything this cute, until and unless I have a dog-friendly workplace, because I would be totally incapable of leaving her alone.

9-Week-Old Wolf-Sable or Fawn Eurasier Puppy

Of course, any workplace that I brought Willow to would instantly become dog-friendly, so there is that.


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8 Responses to Dog of the Day: Oh My God I Totally Cannot Handle Willow the Eurasier Puppy

  1. Jesse says:

    Awww, thanks for posting these pics of our little baby Adam! They’re adorable!

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  3. ferdous anwar says:

    Hi. I live in the uk and i want to buy a eurasier puppy for my friend in SF. Where should i look?? Any advice??

    • Adam Lang says:

      Oh, wow… hope your friend is an experienced dog person, I hear Eurasiers can be a bit of a challenge. (But they’re such awesome dogs, too.)

      I don’t really know anything about the breeders, unfortunately. I added a comment to the thread up the page where the owner of Willow commented, so maybe she’ll pop by and answer your question.

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