Dog of Christmas Day: Sydney the Goldendoodle Puppy

I was traveling yesterday… starting at 7 AM, and ending at… 10 AM this morning. (It was supposed to end a leeeettle bit earlier than that, but it turns out that both planes AND trains don’t respond well to sub-zero temperatures.) And in all that time, I had approximately 20 minutes of WiFi. Blah.

But… Sydney. I ran into Sydney on the way home, a couple of months ago. It was too dark to get good pictures but I was forced to spend a good five minutes trying anyway, because how could I not? And it turns out Sydney has a tumblr. You should go look at it. It’s okay… I’ll wait. This is important.

Okay… back now? I warn you, the pictures are a little bit blurry, but they’re still worth it. I think you’ll agree, Sydney makes a wonderful Christmas Dog.

Small Fluffy Goldendoodle Puppy

Sydney is a good deal bigger now, I’m sure. But just as adorable.

Small Fluffy Goldendoodle Puppy

In these pictures, Sydney is 12 weeks old.

Small Fluffy Goldendoodle Puppy-Ball

Sorry, for the blur, but I think the picture was worth it.

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2 Responses to Dog of Christmas Day: Sydney the Goldendoodle Puppy

  1. Sandy says:

    Too cute – what a good sport to walk in booties on his Tumblr page too (well, maybe he didn’t really have a choice!).
    Sub-zero temperatures? You have definitely left the Bay Area.
    Safe travels and happy holidays!!

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