Dog of the Day: Oscar the Dachshund/Corgi Mix

We haven’t had any dorgis on here in quite some time. A tragedy! I must rectify this situation with dispatch. Fortunately, I have recently come upon a dorgi greatly deserving of postage. Oscar is a year and a half old, and fully ready, willing, and able to charm you out of all of your treats, and probably most of lunch as well.

Agouti (Sable) Dorgi, AKA Corgi/Dachshund Mix, With Huge Ears

You can actually see the corgi and dachshund in him… look at the hindquarters for the corgi.

Agouti (Sable) Dorgi, AKA Corgi/Dachshund Mix, With Huge Goofy Ears

Oh god the ears. Also, am I wrong, or is that coloration called something like ‘sable’ and due to the ‘agouti gene’? There is so much information online about dog colorations and genetics and none of it AGREES.


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