Dog of the Day: Cody (AKA Laundrydog Jr) the Golden Retriever Puppy

I believe I have related the saga of Laundrydog, the store dog of a local laundromat, on this blog before. What I have not mentioned before is that Laundrydog, aka Zachary, passed away earlier this year, at age 12. We heard about it third-hand, and were devastated: we’d known him for four years, and he was one of our favorite neighborhood friends. Even if we didn’t have time to visit with him, on the nights he was there he would always wave a paw to us as we walked by, and how awesome is that? Alas, poor Zachary, you will be missed sorely.

Well, I’ve been doing a fair bit of walking recently… sometimes it’s more comfortable than sitting or lying down, and anyway I desperately need the exercise. (By the way: surgery is scheduled for February 10th. Not looking forward to this, but if it gets rid of my problems…) Not long ago I was out walking the neighborhood, at around 10 at night, and what should I see through the window of our favorite laundromat but… a golden retriever puppy? Cody will never replace Zachary in our hearts, but I think he has a fair chance at becoming a worthy successor, don’t you?

Golden Retriever Puppy

I don’t understand how goldens get to be the saddest-looking puppies ever sometimes, and the happiest at other times. It just doesn’t seem fair.

Golden Retriever Puppy

The entire time I was there, he stayed standing on that window-sill-thing. He’s learning fast.

Golden Retriever Puppy

See? There’s a little bit of happy.

Golden Retriever Puppy

I TRIED to drag Autumn out to see Cody, but she wasn’t feeling well. Hopefully she’ll get to see him soon.

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