DuckDog of the Day: Roxie and a Little Teeny Bit of Tank

It’s late and I’m tired. So here is a picture of a pair of members of Autumn’s family. When her bestest dog in the whole wide world, Ceili, passed away last year, her parents got a dog fairly soon thereafter. (Begley). And then, because it would take more than just one dog to help them get over their loss, they got another one. And the second dog, Roxie, came with a duck, who thought Roxie was her mother. Because if you had a dog who had a duck that followed her around, would YOU separate the two?

Thus, I would like to introduce Roxie, and her duck, Tank.

Golden Retriever Holding Stick With Duck In Background

The duck is still quite scared of the Rhodes family, but she does love her dog-mom.

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3 Responses to DuckDog of the Day: Roxie and a Little Teeny Bit of Tank

  1. Sandy says:

    Wow. If anything, this addition to the family must make Autumn’s family smile (or chuckle). I hope Tank likes Begley. Does Tank like to come inside? I just have this thought that everyone could be watching TV together : )

    • Adam Lang says:

      Tank does not like Begley. But that’s because Begley is overenthusiastic and could do a lot of damage to Tank by accident. Begley is not allowed around Tank.

      Tank also does not like to come inside. However, Tank did come inside for a while (and live in the basement, because ducks poop EVERYWHERE) when the temperature outside got down into the -20 range.

      Tank was not a happy duck. I think things are a little happier in the old homestead now, though.

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