Happy Birth-Dog-Day: Begley the Golden Retriever

Well, today was supposed to be caturday, but it turns out to be a very VERY important day today: it is the birthday of Begley, Autumn’s family’s non-duck dog. And so of course I cannot let this pass by without some adorable pictures.

All of these awesome pictures are by Autumn except a couple.

Golden Retreiver Face

Soulful golden.

Goofy Golden Retriever Face



Golden Retriever Playing With Basset Hound

Begley loves the dog park. Especially when he finds friendly basset hounds to play with.

Two Golden Retrievers And A Calico Tabby Cat Sleeping

Beglet (nickname) on the left, Roxie on the right, and Calamity (aka Calamakitty) in the middle.

Golden Retriever Grinning Upside Down

Smile for the camera, Begley!

Golden Retriever Dressed in a Golden Retriever Costume

Yes, that is a golden retriever dressed in a golden retriever costume. He liked it, too.

Two Golden Retrievers Playing

Roxie and Begley playing. Begley is on the right.

Two Golden Retrievers Playing

Begley left, Roxie right.

Golden Retriever and Woman in Goofy Pose

As you might imagine, I took this one. (Please don’t kill me, Autumn. 🙂

Golden Retriever and Woman in Goofy Pose

Happy birthday, Beglet!

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