Dog of the Day: Barkley the Labrador Retriever

I have been going through some of my recent pictures today, and boy, are you guys in for a treat or six in the next couple weeks. That is, if you like nose shots as much as I do.

Take Barkley, for example: we’ve run into him before, back when he was just a little bitty Lab puppy, with a little tiny white spot on his chest. But in the intervening year and a bit, he has learned how to execute a flawless nose shot.

Black Labrador Retriever

Black dogs in sunlight: my bête noire. Which literally means ‘black beast’.

Black Labrador Retriever With White Spot On Chest

White spot, just like when he was a puppy.

Black Labrador Retriever Grinning

The patented Labrador smile. The people from Labrador are pretty smiley too, or were last time I was up there.

Black Labrador Retriever With His Nose In The Camera, Looking Like a Seal

So I was telling Autumn earlier today that seals were the black labs of the ocean, and then I get home and discover this picture on my camera. I didn’t even know it was there, I swear!

Grinning Black Labrador Retriever With White Spot on His Chest

More Labrador smiles.


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