FOUND Dog of the Day: Possible Pomeranian and/or Papillon Mix, Found In Russian Hill

(First things first: If anyone knows who this dog belongs to, please email me at alang @ this blog ( and help me get in contact with the owner!)

I didn’t exactly expect to be spending my evening this way, but if you run a dog blog and/or a dog-walking and pet-sitting business, you have to be prepared to handle doggie distress calls at any time. Autumn and I were wandering around on Russian Hill (in a quest for ice cream) and found a woman with a dog on a leash… not exactly a rarity in Russian Hill. But we quickly discovered that it wasn’t her dog, that she’d just found him wandering around (on Larkin near Green) and that she didn’t know what to do. So we took over.

We brought the dog in to see if he was microchipped. The good news: he was, indeed, microchipped. The bad news: the microchip wasn’t registered, so they don’t know whose dog it was. Tomorrow they’re going to see if they can track down what vet implanted it, and maybe the vet will have records. We’ve also reported him to Animal Care and Control, and will probably put up a few signs tomorrow as well. And we’re keeping an eye on Craig’s  List.

He’s a real sweetheart, although he seems to be compelled to pee on ALL THE THINGS.

Pomeranian or Papillon Mix

Autumn walked him around a bit to see if he’d find his own way home. He found a building he liked and snuck in on someone else’s heels. (BTW: those toenails? Autumn’s. Colored like the Irish flag.)

Pomeranian or Papillon Mix

He immediately ran up to a door. And when Autumn knocked on it and someone answered, he ran right inside.

Fluffy Small Dog Backside

And of course the people had never seen him before, and it was a ‘no pets’ building.

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3 Responses to FOUND Dog of the Day: Possible Pomeranian and/or Papillon Mix, Found In Russian Hill

  1. Autumn says:

    Update: His caretakers (he was being watched by the owner’s friend) have been found, thanks to Animal Care and Control and the help of several good people in our neighborhood.

  2. Sandy says:

    That’s great news! Thanks for helping him find his way home. I’m sure his owner and caretaker are relieved.

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