Dog of the Day: Tito the Black German Shepherd/Border Collie

Ran into this pup down on Polk Street, but if I remember right (I’m doing this from memory, not from notes), he and his mom were actually visiting from Florida. And mom was a vet, so you know he’s well-treated. He’s barely more than a puppy, about 1.5 years old.

Edit: Oops! I just heard from his mom, below… the woman in the picture was indeed a vet from Florida, but Tito is from San Francisco. Which means I might just be lucky enough to run into him again. Yay!

Edit x2: Boy I suck. The woman in the picture is Tito’s mom. The vet from Florida is present, but not actually in any pictures. And Tito is still adorable.

Black German Shepherd Border Collie Mix With White Chest

German shepherd and border collie. I bet he’s smart as a whip. And fast.

Black German Shepherd Border Collie Mix With White Chest

So serious.

Black German Shepherd Border Collie Mix With His Tail In His Mouth

He did a fair bit of clowning around at the table too.

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12 Responses to Dog of the Day: Tito the Black German Shepherd/Border Collie

  1. Kis says:

    Hey Adam! I somehow just happen to run accross your blog finally. I am Tito’s mom. I am a resident of SF and my best friend was visiting from FL. She is the vet. He is still very well-treated 🙂

    It’s funny because I had checked your blog a few times and then forgot about it. I was looking at images of GSD/border collie on google and saw the pic of me and Tito and followed the link and here we are!

    Thanks for posting Tito as the Dog of the Day!


  2. Kris says:

    The woman in the pic is me, Kris, Tito’s mom 🙂

  3. John Thomas says:

    I know that great doggie and his mom.

    I call him Marshall Tito when i get a chance to be near them. They are one of the best mommy and doggy I know, other my dog Nick of course

  4. Melanie Biesecker says:

    I have a female GSD/Border Collie and they look like twinsies. We are up in Grass Valley but I too was looking at other pups on the web. Glad I saw this. They are such great dogs!

    • Adam Lang says:

      They totally are. Super smart, and not as high-strung as a pure border collie can be.

      Any pictures of your pup on the web? Feel free to leave some links in a comment, if so!

  5. Suzanne Higgins says:

    Tito is a lovely dog! I have a Shepherd Collie Lab cross that is black and looked so much like Tito when she was young. She is the best dog I ever had! These are great cross breeds. Thanks for sharing.

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