Caturday Supplement: Possibly Matthews the Kitty

So I admit it: I fell down on the job and didn’t remember to get this fine kitty’s name. The tag says either ‘Mathews’ or ‘Mathew 5’, so it might be a bible verse or the kitty’s name. Either way, I remember him because he was totally mellow sitting in mom’s lap at a cafe, just hanging out. Most cats aren’t comfortable out of their territory, but he seemed happy as a clam.

Grey Kitty

Embarrassingly enough, I don’t recall if he was blind or just had his eyes closed a lot of the time.

Grey Kitty With Eyes Closed

The world needs more cats who don’t mind being taken to outdoor cafes. It makes it SO much easier for me to get pictures.

Woman With Grey Cat In Her Lap

They were having a nice, relaxing morning.

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