Another Puppy Week, Day 1: Ruby the Labradoodle

It is just mind-boggling how many puppies I have seen over the last month or so. It’s so many that if I didn’t have special cuteness training, my brain might have exploded. So, since I now have at least a dozen puppies. I really figured I ought to do another puppy week. Only this one might last longer than a week.

And Ruby is a good first step. Eight months old, just had major surgery yesterday, and she’s still ridiculously happy and friendly. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I had major surgery (of a quite different kind) when I was 8 years old, and I was oh-so-very-definitely NOT in this good a mood the next day.

Brown Labradoodle in a Flexible Cone of Shame

Flexible Elizabethan collar. It doesn’t seem to work terribly well. She tried to get at her stitches, with near success (until her mom made her stop), several times while I was standing there.

Labradoodle in Blue Flexible Elizabethan Collar

Tough shots to get. Something was always so far in the shadow that it was invisible.

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