Double Dog Day: Boo the Landseer Newfoundland and Maggie the Australian Cattle Dog/Beagle Mix

These two are honorary Dogs of San Francisco, since I took these in New Jersey. But how could I resist? Boo (1 year old) is awe-inspiring, and Maggie (also 1) has so much character in her expression.

Landseer Newfoundland Dog

Boo is a therapy dog. He gets taken to hospitals and such, and cuddles people back to health. I’m sure the drool helps too.

Red Merle Australian Cattle Dog/Beagle Mix and Landseer Newfoundland Dog

Quite an unusual pair.

Red-And-Blue Merle Australian Cattle Dog/Beagle Mix

Okay, she’s a bit goofy-looking. Cute though!

Landseer Newfoundland Dog Panting

That head. My god. So HUGE.

Landseer Newfoundland Dog and Red-And-Blue-Merl Australian Cattle Dog/Beagle Mix

I ran into them at a street fair. Considering that they were both 1, they were surprisingly calm and polite.

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