Caturday Supplement: SPCA Kitten

Dropped by the SPCA, and what did they have but more kittens! This one played with me for like five minutes, with me popping a finger up above the frame of the window and him batting at it through the glass, before I took these pictures. As you can see, he found something else to amuse him quite quickly.

Tuxedo Kitten Playing With Ball

One of the things i love about kittens is watching them amuse themselves. Hours of entertainment.

Tuxedo Kitten Playing With Ball

Very very focused.

Tuxedo Kitten Playing With Ball

The newly rebuilt SPCA adoption center really is nice. If you live in SF you should drop by sometime and check it out.

Tuxedo Kitten

This one has the ‘please adopt me’ face down pat.

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  1. Karen says:

    That last picture seriously needs its own Sarah McLachlan song.

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