Dog of the Day: Cei the Leonberger

Posting is going to be sparse(r than usual) for the next week or so… I’m changing jobs, and trying to wrap up my old job in some semblance of order and get organized for my new one and actually get some sleep (FAILING to get ANY sleep… I am nervous and excited to the point of distraction) and so minimal posts are called for.

That said, I do have to at least give Cei’s story: he is a seven-year-old Leonberger (in great shape!) His mom said that his name meant ‘Faithful Companion’ in Gaelic, but I did a little digging and, well, pretty close: it’s actually the name Kay, as written in Welsh. Sir Kay was the faithful companion of King Arthur in some of the earliest Arthurian legends (he kind of ended up being a bit of an ass in the later ones), and is a prominent hero in the Mabinogi of Culhwch ac Olwen. (Can anyone tell I liked Arthurian legends when I was a kid?)

Cei is a vital employee  at a company called ‘’, as displayed in their employees list (look under ‘Office Happiness Coordinator’). They’re kind of a neat company (though no, I didn’t get my new job through them) and are well worth a look if you’re in a computer profession and are looking for a job. Plus they have an AWESOME Office Happiness Coordinator.

Leonberger Lying Down

Cai takes his duties seriously. When I was visiting their HQ I saw more or less everyone who walked by him get at least one kiss.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Cei the Leonberger

  1. Sandy says:

    That is one cute dog with a super floofy tail – what a neat place that must be to work. Congrats on your new job Adam. I’m sure you will be fabulous!

    • Adam Lang says:

      I bet it is. Dog-friendly workplaces are awesome, and their business model is neat, even if it is mostly geared towards people who will already not have any trouble finding jobs.

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