Dog of the Day: Happy Pomeranian

I have to say, Pomeranians are really growing on me, at least in the category of small dogs. They are a very happy breed, rivaling pugs and the other squooshy-faced breeds without all the associated health problems. (They are, in fact, the breed I’ve run into the most at advanced ages… one that was 16 and a cancer surviver and still running about happily, and another couple in the 13 to 15 range.) They’re also more friendly than most breeds of that size. And you must admit, they are super-cute.

Happy Pomeranian Fluffball

Fizgig? Is that you?

Happy Pomeranian Fluffball

Even if you’re not a small-dog person, I challenge you not to find something heartwarming in that delighted (if slightly manic) expression.

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