Dog of the Day: Macy’s Window German Shepherd Mix Puppy

Hooray, hooray, for the SF SPCA! They helped hundreds of puppies and kittens find homes just in this holiday season with their Macy’s window display. Including this excessively adorable pooch.

It’s only a pity it’s so hard to get good pictures through those windows.

Black And Tan German Shepherd Mix Puppy With Crumpled Ears And Plaintive Expression

That face, plus those ears. I think if I had to pick a single dog from this year’s Macy’s display, it would have been this one.

Black And Tan German Shepherd Mix Puppy With Half-Flopped Ears And Plaintive Expression

Someone adopted this pup within an hour of the display opening in the morning, but fortunately for the rest of us they had to go to work, so they came back that night to collect their new best friend.

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