Dog of the Day: Jailbreak the Standard Schnauzer

Jailbreak! I first ran into him out in front of the Fairmont Hotel, on my way to work, on a day that Obama was driving by… this day, in fact. I walked up and made appropriate ‘aww cute!’ noises and knelt down, and his mom said, ‘oh, he’s really shy’ and then he walked over and licked my hand and let me pet him. I try not to feel too smug when that happens, since just as many dogs are inexplicably scared or repulsed by me as are inexplicably attracted to me, but I love it nonetheless.

And hey… schnauzers gonna schnauze, right?

Unfortunately, none of the pictures from that first meeting came out. Fortunately, I got to see him again, in the company of Sally.

Black Standard Schnauzer Looking Manically Cheerful

When he’s not being nervous, this is more or less his default expression.

Black Standard SchnauzerLying On A Deck With A Toy

That back deck again. He liked it just as much as Sally and me.

Black Standard Schnauzer Face Looking Manically Cheerful

“The Dog With The Eyebrows”

Black Standard Schnauzer Lying On A Deck

Fluffy muppet-fur.

Happy Black Standard Schnauzer Face

Autumn might get Jailbreak as a dog-walking client. I’m looking forward to getting to see him more often, he’s fun.

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