Dog of the Day: Young German Shepherd

A handsome pup whose name and info I apparently did not get.

So two days ago’s doctor’s appointment turned into a second doctor’s appointment, a test, another doctor’s appointment, and an overnight sleep study. None of this is nearly as urgent and dangerous as it sounds: I am just fairly insistent and very very lucky, schedule-wise, and ended up being able to get all the appointments within somewhere between two hours and one day of when I called in for them. Which in the case of the sleep study is downright miraculous.

On the other hand, I got about three hours of sleep two nights ago, and a sleep study is not exactly conducive to good sleep, so I got two hours last night. If I can’t sleep at least decently tonight, I may well start hallucinating. Whee!

German Shepherd

Gawky. Probably an adolescent.

Happy German Shepherd

Happy face!

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