Dog of the Day: Franklin the Shameless Ridgeback Pit Mix

I’m not sure about Franklin. That black short-ish muzzle says maybe ridgeback boxer mix to me, rather than ridgeback pit mix. Or he almost could be a black-mouth cur, if he weren’t so damn big! Perhaps a mix?

But Franklin’s family said ridgeback pit mix, so I will defer to their longer experience in Franklinology.

Anyone know of any really good sleep masks? I’ve had a surprising lack of luck finding one anywhere around here, except the really crappy ones at Walgreens.

Ridgeback Boxer Mix Lying On His Back And Having His Chest Scratched

Franklin is definitely not the shy sort. At the drop of a hat, he flops over and invites chest scratches from all and sundry.

Ridgeback Black-Mouth Cur Mix Lying On His Back

This is Franklin’s ‘You’re standing right there and you have two hands, and I’m being ridiculously adorable. And yet you’re not petting me. Why is that?” look.

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