Dog of the Day: Bleu the Bluenose Pit Bull Puppy

I sprinted across a crowded street to get some pictures of the ridiculous 11-week-old Bleu — our first bluenose pit bull puppy! — only to find, when I went to post them later that day, that they were blurry. I was heartbroken. Although I did collect a minute or two worth of licks from her that I will always treasure, so there was that comfort, at least.

Well, I was going through some old pictures this evening and deleting the ones that were too bad to be useful, and I found that not ALL of them were that blurry. So here you go, have a little Bleu cheesiness as a start to your weekend.

American Blue-Nose Pit Bull Terrier Puppy Looking Sideways On Concrete Steps

You need to look at that eyebrow. Here, let’s get a front view…

American Blue-Nose Pit Bull Terrier Puppy Sitting And Looking At Camera With Head Tilted To One Side

So perfect! How does that even happen?

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