Caturday Supplement: Wolf and Lion Store Tortie

Wolf and Lion, a relatively recent addition to the pet store scene in San Francisco, is down on the Marina, on Lombard Street. (Yes, that’s the crooked one, but the store’s about a mile away from the crooked bit.) And unlike most other pet stores in SF, it has a store cat. Who does not seem to mind the dogs that wander in one bit. Or the people. And who does not seem the slightest bit tempted by the open door. She even helps clean up a bit around the place, it seems. Plus, she’s a tortie, and therefore gorgeous.

Quite a kitty!

Tortoiseshell Cat Lying On A Tile Floor

She’s also quite tolerant of human visitors. If you give her the slightest hint that you want to pet her she flumps down for you.

Tortoiseshell Cat Stares Fixedly At The Floor

Well, okay, maybe she’s not so much helping with the cleaning…

Tortoiseshell Cat Picks Up Crinkly Bit Of Plastic Wrapping

…as viciously attacking neat plastic crinkly-noisy things. Hush. Let me have my cherished misconceptions.

Tortoiseshell Cat Stares Fixedly To The Side

Something very compelling (which I was unable to see or hear) distracted her from her crinkly bit of plastic.

Tortoiseshell Cat Stares Intently Into The Distance

She seemed happy, so maybe those pupils are just ‘it’s really bright outside’. After all, it was.

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