Dog of the Day: Talulah the English Springer Spaniel

Talulah is eleven years old! I totally had her pegged as a puppy, with that ridiculous puppy ‘fro. But then, I have to admit, I don’t have a lot of experience with English springer spaniels.

PS: Hooray, the latest WordPress update broke picture captions in my theme. Do they look awful (super-tiny text, huge grey box for the text) for everyone, or is it just Mac browsers? I wonder if I’m going to have to sit down and re-learn enough CSS to fix them?

English Springer Spaniel With Fluffy Hair On Her Head

Another breed of dog, like a lot of the spaniels, where I could spend all day petting their ears.

English Springer Spaniel With Very Long Fluffy Hair On Her Head

How does this happen? It’s completely ridiculous.

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