Dog of the Day: Princess the Goldendoodle Puppy

Just one of the many wonderful things about having a ‘morning commute’ that is also a ‘jog through the middle of San Francisco’ is seeing all the dogs on the way to work. (The most important of the many wonderful things, of course!) I was a little bummed out about the end of the weekend, and it was a bit of effort to drag myself out of bed this morning.

But that all changed when I saw Princess, a lovely 11-week-old goldendoodle puppy, gazing sadly at the rest of the dogs in Huntingdon park. The poor pup hadn’t had her final shots yet, so she wasn’t allowed to go play with them all. But she was happy enough to pose for me.

Man Holding Adorable Eleven-Week-Old Goldendoodle Puppy

She SO wanted to get out and go meet all the people and the dogs and the fountain and the grass and and and.

Man Holding Adorable Eleven-Week-Old Goldendoodle Puppy Who Is Trying To Lick The Camera

In particular, she tried really hard to smooch me. But I’d just been playing with some other dogs, so I had to beg off. THIS TIME.

Man Holding Adorable Eleven-Week-Old Golden Retriever Poodle Mix Puppy Who Is Licking His Face

She had to turn elsewhere for affection. The poor man, being showered in puppy kisses. How could he stand it?

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