Dog of the Day: Kira the White Doberman Pinscher

This was a new one on me: a white Doberman pinscher. I’ve read up on it a bit, and apparently nobody’s quite sure how albinism works in dogs, and whether white Dobermans are actually ‘albino’ in the normal sense of the word or not, but the most recent research seems to indicate, ‘eeeh, close enough’. If you have any interest in such things, this is kind of a neat read (if a bit disturbing in parts.)

I, of course, am quite interested in the science, but ultimately more interested in the dog. Kira is a sweetheart and is quite gorgeous, although I hope her dad doesn’t keep her out in the sun too long because I bet she’s prone to sunburn. She sure did seem to be a little unhappy with the bright light, although she can see and hear just fine.

White Doberman Pinscher Sitting On A Sidewalk

HDR photography for the win. All the non-HDR shots I got were basically a white blob in the sun…

White Doberman Pinscher Sitting On A Sidewalk

…and not all that much better in the shade. Well, my fault for going out at noon.

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