Dog of National Dog Day: Smokey the Australian Cattle Dog

Happy National Dog Day! I was going to post a puppy today, until I realized that National Puppy Day is an entirely separate holiday, and that taking over National Dog Day for a puppy would be most ill-mannered of me.

So meet Smokey. Smokey is a gorgeous, deaf, 1-and-a-bit-year-old blue merle Australian cattle dog (aka blue heeler). Smokey is also a bit of a ham. Who likes ham.

Blue Merle Australian Cattle Dog Looking Disgruntled

I am not really sure what this look was all about, but I find it hilarious.

Woman Offering Treat To Smiling Blue Heeler

A much more typical expression for him. And mom, too: both of them seemed like they were always smiling.

Happy Blue Heeler Lying On The Sidewalk

As I was standing there, an ambulance went by. Yup, definitely deaf… he didn’t even notice.

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