Dog of the Day: Bobo Wolverine the Pomeranian

Banana-banna-Bobo-Wolverine! He’s a year old, and feisty as all get-out. But when he barks he only means one thing: WHY ARE YOU NOT PETTING ME OR PLAYING WITH ME NOW? NOW NOW NOW! I AM ADORABLE AND I LIKE YOU SO PET ME!

And lo, he is indeed adorable. And lo, I did indeed pet him.

Black And Tan Fluffy Pomeranian Singing The Blues

Don’t see a lot of black and tan Poms around. Too bad, they’re gorgeous.

Black And Tan Fluffy Pomeranian Singing The Blues

He was very, very vocal. Hope he isn’t like that at night.

Black And Tan Fluffy Pomeranian Standing On His Hind Legs And Looking Goofy

This, on the other hand, is not him barking. This is mom dangling food above his head.

Black And Tan Pomeranian Play-Bowing

This is the classic ‘play with me!’ pose.

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